Wachusett Regional School District
Wachusett Mountain

Curriculum Information

District Curriculum Frameworks

A Curriculum Framework is a document that frames the K-12 expectations in a specific content area. The purpose of the document is to provide the School Committee and the community with broad, conceptual, guidelines within which each content are will function. It is written in concise language and reflects a comprehensive K-12 perspective. It marries district interpretations of national standards with those of the state frameworks.

District Curriculum Guides

A Curriculum Guide is a practical handbook for teachers, either veteran or rookie. It provides them with benchmarks, delineates expected student outcomes and offers strategies and resources that can be used in the classroom. It actualizes or realizes the philosophy and direction of the curriculum framework within a specific content area. It describes the curriculum not as it is, but rather as the standard towards which we strive.

Updated:  October 23, 2007