Wachusett Regional School District
Wachusett Mountain


K - 5

Standard:   As a result of activities in grades K - 5, all students should develop:

  • Abilities of technology design, identify similarities and differences among structures; describe and experience processes involving machines; and illustrate ways in which one most often travels.
  • Understanding about science application and the use of a variety of materials to make simple products.
  • Abilities to distinguish between natural objects and objects made by man; their positive and negative impacts on people and the environment; and ways in which technological tools and methods allow us to better learn about the laws of nature.
6 - 8

Standard:  As a result of activities in grades 6 - 8, all students should develop:

  •  Abilities of technological design to explore and illustrate possible solutions, propose solutions, make a plan, offer multiple views, evaluate designs, develop measures of quality and communicate the process of technological design.
  • Understanding about science applications, choice of materials depending upon their properties, characteristics and interactions with other materials, what they are useful for and ways that multiple resources are used to develop new technologies.
9 - 12

Standard: As a result of activities in grades 9 - 12, all students should develop:

  • Abilities of technological design to identify a design problem, propose suggested solutions, implement a solution, evaluate the outcome, communicate the problem, process and solution, and initiate new approaches.
  • Understanding of science applications for particular purposes; technological impact can be multidimensional; technological innovations can stimulate the economy and creates new jobs; technological improvements can decrease the rate of earth's natural resources; and technological improvements can forecast the effects of biotechnological developments.