Wachusett Regional School District
Wachusett Mountain

 World Language
Communication - Strand 1

Curriculum Frameworks K-12

Approved by School Committee 02/09/98

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Meaningful communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information through speech, gestures, writing, behavior, or a combination of these. It is through communication that we express ourselves and transmit or receive information. In this strand, activities are organized around the functions, or purposes, of language use such as asking and answering questions, expressing agreement and disagreement, and narrating.

Through conversing, listening, reading, writing, viewing and presenting students will:

  • Greet and respond to greetings
  • Introduce and respond to introductions
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Make and respond to requests
  • Express likes, dislikes, and feelings
  • Express needs
  • Express agreement and disagreement
  • Give and follow directions
  • Provide and obtain specific information
  • Gain new information and knowledge
  • Describe, compare, and contrast
  • Explain, interpret
  • Narrate
  • Solve problems
  • Read, discuss, and write about authentic literature