Wachusett Regional School District
Wachusett Mountain
Participation - Strand 4
Curriculum Frameworks K-12
Approved by School Committee 02/09/98

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In this strand we seek to make connections between the World Languages classroom and the real world not just because it makes the lessons more meaningful but because it also encourages the lifelong participation of students in the community. This strand encourages present and future real-world uses of the language by focusing students' attention on (1) interaction with native speakers from the community, and (2) professional and vocational applications of the language in local and international communities.

Students should experience more than one means of expressing the language. One teacher cannot demonstrate the many language varieties within a language alone. Through the use of community resources, (face to face whenever possible, or via technology), students become aware of the varieties among dialects, rates of speech, styles of expression, and their accompanying cultural implications.

Through the study of language and culture, all students will:

  • participate in community activities
  • identify and describe careers where knowing more than one language is useful 

Student learning might include activities such as. communicating with native speakers via e-mail, greeting cards, interviewing or penpals, job shadowing, identifying careers that favor bilingual skills (health & service professions, communication and marketing), reading classified ads in target language newspaper, listening to career presentations given in the target language, and writing a trade manual or brochure in the target language.