Mayo Elementary School -- Nurse's Corner


Contact Information – Laurie Coe R.N.

508-829-3203 X 105

Students who become ill or injured will be directed to the school nurse for assessment, evaluation, treatment and/or referral.  If the nurse is not available, students are to report to the office.  Parents will be notified when a child must be sent home.  If the parent cannot be contacted, the person indicated on the Emergency Card will be called.  It is imperative that the Emergency Card be completed annually and updated as necessary.


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Parent Information on Influenza

Vision and Hearing Screening

All students are screened annually for vision and hearing.  This is not a complete diagnostic test.  Parents will be notified if screening procedures identify possible problems.

State mandated BMI Screening also occurs at this time.  To opt out, parents must complete and send in the Opt Out Form.  

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Temporary or Permanent Exclusion From School Activities                                                    

Students are expected to participate in all activities of the school program.  If, for health reasons, a child must be excluded for a temporary time from any activity, we request written verification from a doctor.  It is expected that children go outside for recess.  Please be aware that when a child remains inside, the child runs the risk of being exposed to other children who may be contagious. 

Administration of Medication

Medications, both prescription and non-prescription, must be by written order of the provider with written permission from the parent/guardian before medication may be administered by the nurse. Medication must be brought to the school by the parent/guardian or other designated responsible adult in the original container with the label intact.  Students are not to transport medication (prescription or non-prescription) to and from school.