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Carrie Guyan
Mountview Middle School
270 Shrewsbury Street
Holden, MA 01520
Phone: (508) 829-5577  x2007
Fax: (508) 829-3711

Health Office Reminders

-Please remember that all medication orders need to be renewed at the beginning of each school year.  Please send in new medication orders as soon as you receive them from your child's PCP.

-Allergy action plans also need to be renewed.  

-All medications should be brought in by an adult in a pharmacy labeled bottle.  Children are not allowed to transport medications to school.

-Please inform Ms. Guyan if there have been any changes in your child's medical health.  You can email Ms. Guyan anytime and can schedule a meeting if needed.

- 7th Grade immunization updates are now due. Please turn them in ASAP.

Attention parents: the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health requires all students to provide the school nurse with printed proof that they are up to date on all required immunizations before the start of their 7th grade school year. Please click on the link below to see what are the required immunizations for children ages 18 months to 18 years old, as determined by the Centers for Disease Control.  




Other news from the Health Office:

Please click here to access an informative letter from the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health regarding the flu. Parents can also access a quick reference guide regarding the flu by clicking here.


The following are some guidelines for determining whether or not to send your child to school. If you answer YES to any of these, you should keep your child at home for comfort and close monitoring:

  • student has a fever 100 degrees F or higher
  • student vomits at home after school, during the night, or in the morning-should be observed for 24 hours at home
  • a diagnosis of strep throat-child needs to remain at home until he/she has been on antibiotics a full 24 hours
  • student has unusual bowel movements: more frequent, loose, watery than usual or persistent diarrhea during the day or night-should be observed at home for 24 hours
  • student has frequent cough which is not controlled and chest congestion
  • nasal drainage with colored mucus, tugging on one/both ears, breathing is difficult due to nasal
  • stuffiness or drainage
  • student is rubbing at one or both eyes, eye is reddened and draining a thick mucus that sticks to eye lashes and lids
  • student has an unusual rash, may or may not be itchy, may have areas of cracked skin that are bleeding

Please contact the nurse if your child has a communicable disease such as:

head lice, chicken pox, measles, TB, ringworm, impetigo, strep throat,

fifth disease, scabies, etc.

Your child is ready to return to his/her school when:

  • Temperature is below 100 degrees F without fever-reducing medication for 24 hours
  • No vomiting for 24 hours and he/she is eating a usual diet for age
  • Bowel movements are of usual frequency and appearance and diet is usual for age for 24 hours
  • Cough is seldom or not at all
  • Nasal drainage is clear, only occasional, and breathing is normal, no longer tugging at ear, slept well
  • No thick eye discharge reappears after proper face washing or you contacted a doctor for evaluation and student is not contagious
  • Rash faded away or you contacted a doctor for evaluation and student is not contagious; bleeding has stopped or areas may be covered completely

If any of the above symptoms occur during school hours, you may be called to dismiss your child early.

*Please be sure that anyone named on your Emergency Contact List is readily available and able to pick up the student within ½ hour of notification.

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