Mountview School Improvement Council (SIMCO)


C. Erik Githmark

School Committee Representative:
Scott Brown      

Teacher Representative:
Lynn Hanley
Recording Secretary:
Tina McAndrew

8th Grade Student Reps:  
Shaylee McGuinness  

Lindsay Walker

Parent Reps:
Michelle Norum

Carol Flionis

Robin Pratt

 Tina McAndrew

Robert Clyman

Rebecca Steil-Lambert

Community Reps:     


All meetings start at 5:30pm in the Mountview Library

2014-2015 SIMCO Schedule
October 7, 2014*                       Minutes
November 12, 2014*                 Minutes
December 9, 2014                     Minutes

January 13, 2015                       Minutes

February 10, 2015                     Minutes
March 10, 2015                          Minutes
April 7, 2015*                             Minutes
May 12, 2015                             Minutes


2013-2014 SIMCO
October Minutes
November Minutes
December Minutes

January Minutes

February Minutes
March Minutes
April Minutes
May Minutes


Meetings are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month unless
      otherwise noted (*), beginning at 5:30 PM in the school library.  
      The goal is to end meetings no later than 7 PM.