For Students Entering Grade 2:

Dear Second Grade Parents,


           We welcome you and your child to Second Grade!  We look forward to an exciting and educational school year.  During the summer we ask your child to read daily. Parents can partner read books with your child in place of independent reading if necessary.  Please keep a list of the books that your child reads to share with his/her new teacher.  Use the Summer Reading Is Fun recording sheet to record the book titles. Then please pick 2 books recorded and complete a story map for each. Click here for the recording sheet and story map.


We would also like your child to practice/memorize their basic math facts to 20.  This will greatly assist your child in his/her daily math lessons.


For second grade, your child will need the following supplies to keep at school:


Grade 2 - 2018-2019

  • 1 small supply/pencil box case (71/2 by 5 by 2)

  • 1 12 pack box of Ticonderoga pencils

  • 5 1.4 oz just white glue sticks

  • 1 scissors

  • 1 24 pack of crayola crayons

  • 1 8 pack washable markers (fine and regular)

  • 1 24 pack crayola colored pencils

  • (3) 2 pocket folders

  • 12 inch ruler (not bendable) with inches and centimeters

  • 3 Block style erasers

  • 2 one subject spiral bound notebook

  • 2 Boxes of Tissues each student

  • 2 Containers Clorox Wipes each student  



Some supplies may need to be replenished as needed during the school year.  Please do not purchase a 3-ring binder/trapper keeper for use at school.


We wish you and your family a wonderful summer.  We look forward to meeting you in September.



                                                                                   The Grade 2 Team