For Students Entering Grades 7 & 8

Summer Reading Grade 7

Summer Reading Grade 8

In-coming Grade 8: Flip Book Science Project:

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Grade 7 & 8 School Supplies List.


Below are a list of supplies all students entering Grade 7 or 8 should bring the first day of school.


  • 4 composition books (the thicker ones) (Social studies and ELA)

  • 4x- 1 ½ inch 3-Ring Binder (ELA, Spanish, Math)

  • Filler paper for 4 Binders

  • Separators for 4 Binders

  • 4x- pocket folder

  • Single subject notebook (IMP)

  • 3 doz. wooden pencils, 1 doz. pens

  • pencil sharpener

  • highlighters (3x)

  • box of tissues (3x) (for homeroom classroom)

  • 3x5 Index cards (3x)

  • Scientific calculator (must have square root and exponential functions) (phone will not be acceptable as calculators)

  • Antimicrobial wipes (2x) (for homeroom classroom)

  • Hand Sanitizer (unscented)

  • Colored pencils (8 color set) (x2)

  • Ultra Fine Point Sharpie

  • Fine Point Sharpie

  • Glue stick (3x)

  • non-bendable Metric/English ruler (rigid model, not flexible rubber style)


Please label all notebooks, folders, composition books, etc. with your full name and grade on the front cover for the first day of school.