Summer Reading List




TPS Kindergarten Supply List

  • 2 large glue sticks

  • 1 folder, 3 prongs with pockets

  • 1box of tissues

  • 2 thin, 2 thick black dry erase markers

  • 1 pack of thin washable markers (pack of 8)

  • 1 pack of thick washable markers  (pack of 8)

  • 1 pack of colored pencils

  • 1 pack of thin crayons (pack of 16)

  • 1 pack of page protectors


Grade 1 Supply List

2 boxes of tissues

8 black, skinny, low odor, dry erase markers

4 glue sticks

12 Ticonderoga pencils

24 pack of Crayola crayons

Pencil sharpener that contains shavings

Pack of 8-12 colored pencils

Pack of sticky notes

1 pair of child size Fiskars scissors with rounded tips


Grade 2

1. 6 pencils

2. box of crayons, 12- 24 count

3. 2-4 glue sticks

4. 2 boxes of tissues

5. set of dry erase markers and eraser (clean sock works well also)

6. 1 pair children safe scissors

7. small container to hold supplies to keep desk neat (no larger than 6 x 9)

8. small pencil sharpener (that holds shavings)

9. addition and subtraction flash cards ( to be used at home for daily practice)


Wish List:

Ziploc Bags: sandwich, quart and gallon sized.


Grade 3 Supply List


·         Pencils (will need to be replenished regularly)*

·         Box of 24 crayons

·         Set of colored pencils (18 – 24 count)

·         2 glue sticks*

·         2 fine point Expo dry erase markers

·         3 single subject spiral bound notebook (1 red, 1 yellow &  1 black cover)*

·         1 black, marbled wide ruled composition notebook

·         Container to hold supplies to keep desk neat (no larger than 6X9)

·         Small pencil sharpener which holds shavings

·         Multiplication flashcards (to be used at home)

·         Child – safe scissors

·         2 boxes of tissues



Grade 4 Supply List


6 One subject spiral bound notebooks

2 erasable blue pens, 1 red pen (More throughout the year)

1 small Elmer’s glue or glue stick (Please put your name on it.)

Pencils with erasers  (Please label  & keep some at home to resupply throughout the year.)

Colored pencils, markers (Small 8 to 12 packs are best)

1 red double pocket folder for music

1 double pocket folder

Post-it notes (We use these throughout the year as part of the reading program.)

3 Fine-tip dry erase markers for whiteboards


A homework assignment notebook will be provided by Thomas Prince School.


Please label all clothing and any items that can be labeled to prevent loss of personal property.






  • Tissues - Two Large Boxes

  • 1 Zipper Pencil Case (to store supplies)

  • Crayola Markers (fine and broad tipped)

  • Colored Pencils

  • Scissors (project strength)

  • 2 Large glue sticks

  • #2 pencils (one package)

  • 3” Three Ring Binder with loose leaf paper

  • One set of Expo Markers

  • FOUR sturdy three hole punched pocket folders

  • Several fine and broad tip Sharpie Markers

  • Personal headphones or earbuds (for Chromebook use)



Grade 6

***All notebooks should have paper sizes 8 1/2" x 11"or larger. Please nothing smaller.


General Supplies:

  • Zippered pencil case

  • One large, well built, loose leaf zipper binder

  • 1 two or three subject spiral notebook for your reading and writing journal (Please do not combine this with any other subject.)

  • 1 two or three subject spiral notebook for math (Please do not combine this with any other subject.)

  • 1 two or three subject spiral notebook for geography (Please do not combine this with any other subject.)

  • 1 two or three subject spiral notebook for science (Please do not combine this with any other subject.)

  • a 1/2 inch binder

  • 24 pencils

  • Erasers

  • 12 blue pens (No black pens please!)

  • 2 (at least) alternative colored pens (your choice, except no black please)

  • 1 set of 24 colored pencils

  • 1 scientific calculator (needs an exponent and square root key)

  • 6 two pocket folders

  • 4 glue sticks

  • 4 or 5 Expo markers

  • 1 pocket dictionary

  • 1 pack of Post It Notes (small, rectangular)

  • 1 pack of 4x6 index cards

  • 1 combination lock for locker (optional)





General: earbuds or headphones, a manual pencil sharpener, colored pencils, two boxes of tissues (to homeroom teacher), pens & pencils


Science: 7th & 8th grade: BLUE? 3­-subject spiral notebook, BLUE? folder, BLUE ?binder to keep everything organized (optional), graph paper, basic calculator


Math: 7th Grade: GREEN?2­inch binder GREEN??1­subject spiral­bound notebook dividers for notebook loose­leaf lined paper graph paper ­ very important to have in class and at home! protractor Scientific Calculator (must have square root and exponent) PENCILS ­ no pen to be used in Math Class 8th Grade: Intro to Algebra ( same as 7th Grade only PINK?in color) Algebra (same as 7th Grade only BLACK?or GRAY?) PENCILS ­ no pen to be used in Math Class NOTE: returning grade 7 students who have green binders in good condition may choose to reuse the green binder for grade 8 math ­ either class.


Spanish:7th & 8th grade: Black and White (composition) notebook ( 7th grade only­ 8th graders keep their current composition book) Spanish/English Dictionary?( Collins) ( We use on a regular basis) ?3­ring binder( to fit in locker), 2 '' White or Clear ­ for a picture ? Page covers/protector ( 2 /3 packages) ­?very helpful to students in organizing their work / 3 sets index cards, Ear buds for school/duo­ lingo, listening activities


Ancient Civ/World History: 7th & 8th Grade: RED ?2­inch binder RED ?single subject notebook


ELA: 7th & 8th grade: YELLOW? single subject notebook, YELLOW?? two pocket folder, 100 count index cards , YELLOW  ?binder (**optional)

General Music: 7th grade: YELLOW??2­pocket folder 8th grade: PURPLE?2­pocket folder