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We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Tuesday, February 14th.  The children have the option of bringing Valentine's for their classmates. If they choose to do so they must include everyone in their class (22). There is no need to address the envelopes, just sign them. The children will each have a turn to play mail carrier and deliver their own cards. I know that sometimes these cards come with an edible treat. Please remember that due to allergies we can not have candy of any kind in our room!!


          Thanks  so much for your cooperation!     :)


  Mrs. Cote and Mrs. Baird



Feb 4, 2017

          Coming up very soon, next Wednesday, February 8th, (barring no snow days between now and then) will be the 100thday of school - cause for a celebration!  One of the things we will be doing in our classroom is building a "100 Museum", containing a collection of 100 things brought in by each child. Your child is encouraged to bring his/her collection of 100 items to school in a see-through container labeled with his/her name as soon as it is ready.  Please remember that size and weight are factors in selecting which item your child will be collecting. 

          We have been talking about different ways to count out their collections so they don't lose track of the numbers (making ten groups of ten objects each, for example). I always welcome parental involvement, and your support of this project will be most appreciated.  Remember, though, that the more children are able to do themselves in assembling and counting out their collections, the more they will learn and the prouder they will be.


Happy counting!

Mrs. Cote and Mrs. Baird




January 31, 2017

Hello everyone,

Today your child will be bringing home a letter designed to help you interpret your child's report card. You now have parent access to view his/her report card through your portal.  The District is using a newly updated format and we understand that there may be some kinks that still need to be worked out.  We appreciate your patience. 
As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I'm happy to help in any way I can.
Take care,
Mrs. Cote


August 31, 2016
Dear Parents,
Hello from Room 302!  We're off to a great start.  What a treat it is to be working with your children this year. Thank you very much for all the school supplies you have sent in. We share our materials in Kindergarten so nothing needs to be labeled by name.  We're all about "community property". Here is some important information about your child's class that I’d like to share with you.   I look forward to sharing more details about our program at Curriculum Night, on Monday, September 19th, from 5-6. Please be advised that this is a program for parents only.
Our daily schedule shifts back and forth from large group to small group activities that incorporate focus lessons with student exploration and practice.  We start the day with check-in and some activity time. Then we have a cooperative clean up and gather for  "Morning Meeting". Through out the day we spend time working on math concepts, letter/sound recognition and phonemic awareness skills. We also incorporate beginning reading and writing skills through stories, poems, songs, games and many opportunities for practice. 
In the beginning of the year we are focusing on number and letter formations and letter/sound associations.  We have a mid-morning nut free snack and break/ recess to change the pace a bit. In January we will launch both Readers' and Writers' Workshops. More information about these subject areas will be shared later. We also include social skills, social studies and/or science activities into our day. We include art, music and physical education into each afternoon on a rotating basis. As you can see, our days are packed with fun and adventure! 
Snack must be totally nut free!!!!  Please pack your child's snack in a separate bag from lunch and label it with your child's name.  We have found that putting the snack items in a labeled zip lock baggie works really well. We must keep snack items separated from lunch items so there is no chance of contact with nut items that are allowed at lunch. Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding of his very serious, potentially life-threatening matter. 
The School Committee's Policy DP 6619 states that no food will be allowed in the classroom for special events, parties, projects or other classroom activities.  The only food the children may eat in our classroom is the peanut/tree nut free snack you have provided for them.  There is to be absolutely no sharing of food at school!  Because of this new policy I am suggesting that you send in an extra snack for your child that I will keep at school, should it be needed.  This snack should have an extended shelf-life, be peanut/tree nut free and be clearly marked with your child's name on it. It is not necessary to send in drinks as water is always available.
Every month a new menu is issued from the District Food Services. Please check online for the elementary school lunch menus. This will help you and your child in making lunch time decisions. Please note the daily alternates and regular choices. The children may buy a lunch for $3.00/day. The cost for milk alone is $ .50. Please be sure that your child knows his/her plan for each day, as it is their job to tell us at check-in.  If you are not using the online account system and will be sending lunch/milk money in it should be in the red communication folder, marked with your child's name.   
Approximately every month I will be sending home a book order.  This is totally optional on your part. You will soon be receiving the first book order with further instructions.
We will be acknowledging each child's special day by singing "Happy Birthday" and presenting him/her with a birthday crown. Each child will also select a treat from the "Birthday Treasure Box". Children who have July and August birthdays will celebrate in the month of June, before our school year ends. If you would like to send in a special non-food treat for the class you are welcome to do so. You may send in stickers, a pencil, or some such small trinket for each child. We have 22 cherubs in our class currently but that number may change as the year goes on. You may want to check prior to your child's special day. The "Birthday Person" will mail the goodies to his/her classmates cubbies. Please note that school policy dictates that party invitations are not allowed to be distributed at school.
If your child has a note we ask that you tell and show your child where it is in his /her red communication folder and remind him/her to give it to us at check in time. We have taught them our routine of hanging up their backpacks, taking out their blue folders to be brought inside the classroom and giving them to us at check- in That is one of their daily jobs.  When there is no change in your child's regular transportation schedule no note is necessary. Please remember that if your child's regular schedule for transportation changes we must have a signed and dated note indicating the change.  If you have a change of plans after the start of school you may call the office and they will relay a "note" to us.
If your schedule will allow, we'd love to have you volunteer in the classroom. A volunteer orientation will be held in the Fall.  We will discuss the schedule then. The children need to be familiar with our classroom routines before introducing more adults into the picture. You can sign up on Curriculum Night or send me a note if you're interested. Typically this works out to once or twice a month for about a ½ hour to an hour. Parents also have the opportunity to be a "room parent".  This position can be shared in any number of ways depending upon the number of people who are interested. A "room parent" is primarily responsible for helping me organize special events in our classroom.  If you are interested in being a "room parent" just send a note to me.  I will get back to you with the details. 
The law states that you must be CORI checked before you are allowed to work in the classroom. Thanks so much for taking care of this detail. If you have not already taken care of the necessary CORI information, you can access the necessary information online. Your CORI must be specific to the WRSD and is good for 3 years.
    It is nice to see that the children have brought a backpack to school.  This is really important as the children have something to take home on most days. Please be sure to put their names on everything they bring to school (backpack, folders, coats/jackets, hats, boots, mittens, etc.).
I would suggest that it is a good idea to send in a change of clothes for your child, including underwear and socks. Please put them in a zip lock bag labeled with your child's name. That way we are prepared if/when the need arises. 
If your child is going to be a "pick up" at 2:55 we ask that you please follow the dismissal procedure outlined by Ms. Conley on our school website.  That way we can be assured that each student has been handed off to the appropriate adult. If your child is being picked up at 11:25 please meet us at the bus doors – facing Route 62. Thanks so much for your cooperation.  
You can expect news letters regularly to let you know all that is going on in our classroom. Over the course of the year the District plans to continue its' efforts to "go green".  I will use a group email listing to share news with everyone as well.
I look forward to seeing you on Monday, September 19th,  at our Curriculum Night,  from 5-6 pm . Please remember that this is a program for parents only.  If you should ever have a question or concern please don’t hesitate to call the school and leave a message, send me a note or email @ Terry_Cote@wrsd.net . I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that during school hours I am with your children and not checking email so if you have a time-sensitive message to deliver your best bet is to call the school.  :)
Sincerely yours,
Mrs. T. Cote 

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

The time has come!! Very soon your child will come for his/her first day of Kindergarten at Thomas Prince School! You are embarking on an exciting new chapter in "The Book of Life". In preparation for this adventure I have just a few suggestions to help clarify some of our procedures for everyone.

  1. You will need to provide your child with a morning snack and drink each day. Please remember that this is just a quick snack. ( Lunch follows in less than 2 hours.) We've found it best to put your child's snack in its own/separate container (different from lunch) and label it with your child's name and an "S". Snack is brought into the classroom upon arrival but lunch stays in the backpack. Due to food allergies please be advised that snack must be totally nut free!! We need you to check all labels and fine print. If we have any questions at all we put the item back in the backpack. It is very important that no nut products enter our room. Even if it says "may contain trace amounts " or "may have been processed …” the answer is "No, not safe for Kindergarten!" If you are sending in home baked goods please be mindful of the ingredients and label the item "nut free". Thanks so much for your cooperation in this potentiality life threatening matter.

  1. If your child will be buying lunch ($3.00) or just a drink ($.50) please put the money in an envelope or baggie labeled with his/her name and put it in the Communication Folder. You can also visit the District website and establish an account so that lunches are prepaid and no money has to travel daily to school. Lunches may contain peanut/nut products. We have separate tables in the Cafeteria to accommodate student needs.

  1. Please check your child's Communication Folder daily and return it to school each day so we can stay connected.

  1. Your child will be wearing his/her name tag home on the first day of school. Please have your child wear his/her name tag to school for the first few weeks. It helps us all to make certain that everyone gets where they're supposed to be. We have found that keeping it inside the backpack provides a reference tool should it be needed after the first few weeks. In addition, please discuss dismissal plans with your child so that he/she may become familiar with their routine. It is especially important to notify us when there is a change in your child's plan. Please write a note, or call the office (978-464-2110). Please do not rely on email as it may not get read in time!

I'm looking forward to sharing more details about Kindergarten with you at Curriculum Night on Monday, September 19th. This night is for parents only. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have at any point during the year. I'm here to help you in any way I can! :)





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