Thomas Prince School Sports


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T 9/6 3:15-4:45 Practice
W 9/7 3:15-4:45 Practice
TH 9/8 3:15-4:45 Practice
F 9/9 3:15-4:30 Practice
S 9/10  
SU 9/11  
M 9/12 3:15-4:45 Practice
T 9/13 3:15-4:45 Practice
W 9/14 3:15-4:45 Practice
TH 9/15 3:15-4:45 Practice
F 9/16 3:15-4:45 Practice
S 9/17  
SU 9/18  
M 9/19 3:15-4:45 Practice
T 9/20 3:15-4:45 Practice
W 9/21 3:15-4:45 Practice
TH 9/22 No Practice (half day)
F 9/23 No Practice
S 9/24  
SU 9/25  
M 9/26 3:15-4:45 Practice
T 9/27 3:15-4:45 Practice
W 9/28

3:15-5:00 XC Race at TPS

TH 9/29 3:15-4:45 Practice
F 9/30 3:15-4:45 Practice
S 10/1  
SU 10/2  
M 10/3 3:15-4:45 Practice
T 10/4 3:15-4:45 Practice
W 10/5

2:30-5 XC Race at Central Tree

TPS 10-5-16 Race Results

TH 10/6 3:15-4:45 Practice
F 10/7 3:15-4:45 Practice
S 10/8

Wachusett and Quabbin Invitational

TPS 10-5-16 Race Results

SU 10/9  
M 10/10 No Practice (No School)
T 10/11 3:15-4:45 Practice
W 10/12 3:15-4:45 Practice
TH 10/13

2:30-5:00 XC Race at Chocksett
TPS 10-5-16 Race Results

F 10/14 3:15-4:45 Practice
S 10/15  
SU 10/16  
M 10/17 3:15-4:45 Practice
T 10/18 3:15-4:45 Practice
W 10/19 2:30-5pm XC Race at Mountview
TPS 10-5-16 Race Results
TH 10/20 No Practice (Half Day)
F 10/21 3:15-4:45 Practice CANCELLED
S 10/22  
SU 10/23  
M 10/24 3:15-4:45 Practice
T 10/25 3:15-4:45 Practice
W 10/26

2:30-5:00 XC Race at TPS
TPS 10-5-16 Race Results

TH 10/27 Practice CANCELLED
F 10/28 3:15-4:45 Practice
S 10/29  
SU 10/30  
M 10/31 3:15-4:45 Practice
T 11/1 2:30-5:00 XC Race at WRHS
(District Championship)

TPS 10-5-16 Race Results
W 11/2 3:15-4:45 Practice
TH 11/3 3:15-4:45 Practice CANCELLED
F 11/4 3:15-4:45 Practice
S 11/5

9:00-3:00 XC State Championship
at Devens


SU 11/6  
M 11/7 3:15-4:45 Practice (TBA)
T 11/8 3:15-4:45 Practice (TBA)
W 11/9 3:15-4:45 Practice (TBA)


Please read the physical exam policy and submit all three forms above along with payment of $120.00 per student
($240.00 family maximum) payable
to WRSD Athletics.

No student will be allowed to attend
practice or events if they have not paid.

Physical Exam Policy

TPS Middle School Eligibilty Form

Release from Liability Form TPS

Concussion Form Sign Off




Larry Pistrang
Larry Pistrang

Phone: 978-870-4627
Thomas Prince Middle School Track and Field Coach 2000-present

Environmental Analyst - DCR Division of Watershed Management
Safari Guide - East Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador
Treasurer - Friends of Mechanics Hall
Oct 6, 2016
Another good day of racing - the girls team finished on top again with Claire Huck winning the race, and the boys team would have moved up to third place except for the unfortunate injury (hopefully minor) to one of our top runners. Results are attached. I look forward to seeing how the team does in Holden and Barre this Saturday.

Sept 29, 2016

A great start to the season.  I was very pleased with the overall effort and especially excited by the strength of my younger runners - looks like TPS will remain strong for years!  Congratulations to the girls for another team victory (and an individual win by Kate King), and to the boys for a number of strong individual performances.  Our next meet will be at Central Tree in Rutland on Wednesday, October 5th.  The complete schedule can always be found at the newly updated TPS sports page online.
Results for TPS runners (including those from Paxton) click here.

Aug 4, 2016

All Thomas Prince School and Paxton Center School students in grades 5-8 are invited to join the Thomas Prince Cross Country team this fall. We will meet Monday-Friday at the TPS playground with practices held on the back field from 3:15 to 4:45 each day, with a few exceptions. The first practice will be on Tuesday, September 6th. Athletes may leave earlier if necessary or may skip practice with prior permission or in case of illness.  Athletes traveling from Paxton are not expected to attend every practice or to arrive by 3:15 but are encouraged to participate when they can.

There are no tryouts and no cuts. We will work hard and strive to do our best, but we will also have fun. The plan as always is to work on all aspects of competition including flexibility, strength and conditioning, running form, race strategy, and mental preparation. There will be both traditional (long runs, interval work, plyometrics, etc) and non-traditional workouts.

We have a total of eight meets planned for this season. Four will be at 3:30 on Wednesdays or Thursdays against the other schools in the WRSD, starting with a home meet Wednesday, September 28th on the Thomas Prince course. The championship meet will be on Tuesday, November 1st at WRHS. Athletes will also be able to compete in either the Wachusett Invitational (Holden-boys) or the Quabbin Invitational (Barre-girls) on Saturday, October 8th. All team members are also eligible and encouraged to compete in the middle school state championship on Saturday, November 5th. Transportation will be provided to and from all meets except the invitational meets on October 8th.

In order to participate, each athlete must fill out the registration form, complete an online concussion awareness course, pay the appropriate participation fee, and have a recent physical on record with the school nurse. Forms can be obtained at the school office or online on the TPS webpage. Registration and current physical must be turned in or the athlete will not be allowed to practice or compete.

Please make sure each athlete brings something to drink and wears appropriate clothing for indoor or outdoor activities each day. Athletes should be dressed and have used the bathroom by 3:15 and be ready to practice.  I do expect athletes to attempt to fully participate in all activities each day and would encourage those unwilling to do so to consider taking the day off (and letting me know).
The girls will be attempting to win a state championship this fall after finishing 2015 with a record of 39-1, losing only in their final meet to the state champions.  The boys hope to return to their winning ways as this young team matures.  Feel free to pass this message on to anyone who might be interested including parents of 5th graders, and please be a part of this special group of athletes this season!