Tips for Using For Works Cited

  • Login BEFORE you cite.Easybib saves your citations together in a “Project.” Login allows you to access these from home and saves them until you delete them.
  • Login using your Google account.  Click on Google and type in your Google username and password.  You can Save your Works Cited as a Google Doc where it will save in your account automatically.
  • When you create “New Projects,” keep MLA 7. That’s what the school uses.

Database Articles:
Most databases provide an MLA formatted citation, usually located at the bottom of the article.The best practice is to copy and paste these into Easybib.

  • Click on the ALL 58 Options tab, then Write/Paste Citation.
  • Paste the entry, then Create Citation.
  • Note: This process will remove the italics from your citation.You will need to add these afterwards.

Copy and paste the URL link into Easybib. The default tab is for websites. Check and/or correct the following:

  • The article title is exact. Erase any extra words.
  • The author is correct. If there is no author, leave it blank.
  • The website title is exact. Erase any extra words.
  • The date of publication for the article (not the copyright year for the site) is listed. If there is no date, leave it blank.
  • Leave out the Publisher/Sponsor unless it’s needed (i.e. a website of a university sponsored organization).


  • Cite all images. Find an image.
  • Click on the ALL 58 Options tab. Depending on the image, click on cartoon, digital image, painting (include drawings here) or photograph.
  • Fill out the rest of the information.You must enter a title for the image. If there isn’t one there, make one up.
  • Be sure to click on the tab for website if found online.


  • For ease of citation, enter the ISBN number of the book from the Book tab.
  • ISBNs are located on the back cover or on the copyright page.
  • If there is no ISBN found, type in the title.
  • Then select your book for citation.