What is a Glog?

A Glog is an interactive poster that displays the following media: Glogster's graphics, wallpaper, and text bubbles, as well as your own images and audio.Embed your own video or video found online (YouTube). 


1. Go to: glogster.com and register.Verify your account with your email (no AOL).  
2. Your Dashboard will have all your glogs. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see them. 
3. Click on Post a New Glog. Choose an orientation. You will get the default screen. 
4. Click on the ADD CONTENT button to bring up the content box.  
5. The Wall.The glog wall can be your picture (upload) or one of theirs (Gallery).It can also be a solid color.Change the Page Wall to change the sides of the glog.  

6. Graphics. Click on an image and use it. Change the color by clicking the eye- dropper.Create a link to a website or make it three-dimensional by clicking the wand.

7. Text.  Add with (Gallery) or without (Basic) a text graphic.If you have a lot of text, choose a large box. Any extra text will scroll in Preview.Change the color, size and font of your text by clicking Ab1.

8. Images. If the image is on your computer already, upload to the glog.You can add a “Frame” before you click on use it.You can also search for images in Picasa or Google and use it.
9. Video. Upload if you have it downloaded.Or search for a video using Google or YouTube. These videos are blocked at the high school so you must do this at home. When you find a video, click on it. You can also add a “Player.”In order view one, you need to click on Preview. To download videos from YouTube, go to keepvid.com and download as a mp4 file.  Or copy the address and go to zamzar.com. Click on download files tab. Paste address and convert file to mp4.  Go to your email and download the file.

10. Audio. Download to your computer first.To find a song, do a Google search with the word mp3.To download music, right click or Control click on the mp3 link, then download the linked file.Add a player.If you wish to record your voice, click on grab.
11. Preview the glog before you publish it.
12. Save and Share. Keep it public so others view it. Don’t use your full name on your glog.
13. Email. After Save and Share, click on Share Address. In the next window, click on the little envelope in the button under the Like button.Enter the email address of your choosing.
14. Print. Glog Right click or Control click on the glog.