Library News for April 2012
I would like to thank all the teachers and staff who shared their favorite poems with the school in honor of Poetry Month.
Come see your poem and the others on display in the library.  Some of the smaller poems are hanging on the "Poet-tree"
created by former student Cody Potvin.  Thanks go out to our student volunteers for mounting the poems and hanging
the poems too.

New additions to the catalog can be found here:

It's also School Library Month.  For those interested, there are several reports available from the American Library
Association that study the effects of School Library Media Programs on student achievement:

  1. Students learn 21st century learning skills through state-of-the-art school library programs. | more
  2. The school library program plays an important role in helping students get an overall conception of the information
    seeking process with all the different steps it contains. | more
  3. Interactions with a school librarian aid children and teens in becoming confident, competent, and independent
    learners. | more
  4. Students achieve more academically when their teachers and school librarians plan and deliver instruction
    collaboratively. | more
  5. Students are more likely to be successful academically if they have the benefit of library program led by a state-
    certified school librarian. | more
  6. Students’ academic success is fostered by a well-funded school library program. | more
  7. Students are more successful academically when their teachers benefit from professional development
    opportunities offered by their librarian colleagues. | more
  8. Disadvantaged students have a better chance of succeeding academically when they attend schools with strong
    library programs. | more
  9. Students learn how to evaluate and use information—not just how to find and access it—from school librarians. |
  10. Students and their teachers make more effective use of the Internet and other digital resources after learning
    about them from school librarians. | more

Library News for March 2012
Special Edition: Ebooks and Libraries

If you own an ereader such as a Nook or Kindle and you are a frequent library user, you may wonder how you check out
books from your local public library.  There are options available to you, but not as many as you or your local library
would like.  In Massachusetts, the only option public libraries have to provide you with mainstream content is through a
company called Overdrive.  In Central Massachusetts, you can search this catalog at
and click on Advanced Search.  Please keep in mind that not all books are available for all devices.  If you own a kindle,
your selections are more limited.  The Advanced Search is vital to narrow down your search to your specific device.  I also
recommend clicking in the box which will "only show copies with titles available."  This will prevent you from seeing books
you can't borrow right away.  If you do find a book, but it is "out,"  you will be put on a waiting list. The number of
patrons on the waiting list varies tremendously. For example, there are currently 113 patrons on a waiting list for 22
copies of Kathryn Stockett's The Help.  Since each ebook circulates for different periods of time depending on the leasing
agreement (libraries don't own ebooks from most publishers, they lease them), it's hard to know exactly when you will
receive a notice that your ebook is ready for download.  You can check out up to 7 titles at a time.  After you check out an
ebook, you can't renew the book, but if no one wants it, you can check it out again.   A great website with tutorials for
how to download books on your own is on Worcester Public Library's website:
(and they also have a link to Freading). If you have an iPad or iPhone, you need only download the
Overdrive app, which is off the website, and then download your book.  You will need an active
library card for these downloads.  You need an Amazon account for Kindle books and Adobe Digital Editions account for
the Nook.  Local libraries can't download these for you unfortunately because these accounts are registered to your
specific computer. Local libraries can help you if you have a tablet or iPad because these are, essentially computers with
operating systems and do not need a computer to register or store the ebooks.

After doing all of this, you may be wondering why there aren't more bestsellers available.  There are many complicated
reasons for this, but the main reason is due to the publishing companies, who are afraid of losing profits.  Random House,
the world's largest book publisher, recently raised their ebook costs 300%.  It now costs triple the print version to buy the
ebook version.   This is a major blow to libraries as Random House includes such imprints as Ballantine, Knopf, Dell, and
Doubleday and carries authors such as Stieg Larsson, John Grisham, and Dan Brown.  If the ebook is from HarperCollins,
the library is allowed to let the ebook circulate 26 times before the library has to purchase it again.  Penguin just pulled
out of the Overdrive library program and will no longer sell to libraries.  Neither Simon and Schuster nor Macmillan will
sell their ebooks to libraries.  If you are interested in learning more about this rather frustrating and limiting practice,
visit: .  If you are
interested in books in the public domain (published before or after 1923), Google your device and "public domain."  Note
that since copyright law has changed, any books published after 1923 will have 95 years from that date before entered
into public domain (2019 at the earliest).  Any book published after 1978 will have 70 years after the author's death
before it becomes public domain (first opportunity for this is 2049).

The school library market is a very different proposition.  Since we are mostly focused with nonfiction and reference
works, we are in a better position to provide books electronically for academic pursuits.  However, neither Gale Group,
Salem Press, EBSCO or ABC-CLIO, from where we receive our ebooks, currently allows for these ebooks to be downloaded
to a Nook or Kindle.  All of our ebooks are searchable from the Research Databases page and can be read directly from a
computer.  Gale and EBSCO have downloadable apps so they can be put onto iPads or other mobile devices.  Next year,
ABC-CLIO databases will be available through EBSCO, which will make these easier to read on mobile devices.  They do
have a "mobile website" link at the bottom of their page.  We have "purchased" over 500 ebooks from Gale and pay an
annual hosting fee.  Salem Press has allowed our ebooks to be available as long as we own the current print version. 
EBSCO and ABC-CLIO's ebooks are only available as long as we subscribe to the databases.  In terms of popular fiction
books, such as the Hunger Games, it's difficult to say how we can purchase something like this.  Overdrive is too costly to
participate for us.  Our circulation system bought in 2009 is not a vendor (like Follett) and so we can not seamlessly
purchase and distribute ebooks like some schools do through their Destiny catalog.   I am currently researching
distributors such as Follett, 3M, and Baker & Taylor to see if we can purchase fiction titles without having to purchase
ereaders with loaded ebooks, which would cost much more than just buying the print version.  The future may be
something district-wide to encourage collaboration and resource sharing across schools.


Library News Jan/Feb 2012


QuickTime Movie Making and YouTube Channels

Google Apps/Docs Classes

Online Flashcard Websites

New Equipment for Rent: Headphones, Flip Cameras

E-Books and OverDrive: A Run-Down

New Additions


QuickTime Movie Making and YouTube Channels

For a while, I’ve been looking for an easy way to make “screenshot” or “screen capture” videos and this is by far,
the easiest method I have used.   Using QuickTime, I made the short films below and then created a YouTube
Channel to air them.   There are many reasons why this may be useful for teachers.  Math or science teachers may
want to show students how to enter data into Microsoft Excel or use a program online.  As an English teacher, you
may want to show students the proper way to introduce a quotation.  I can envision many possibilities for the Media


I highlighted two of our research databases in the tutorial to use as example.  Because I had to make a few takes,
the tutorial is split into 5 parts.  After you visit the first link, the others will appear on the side.  As you will learn in
the tutorial, I now have a "channel" in YouTube:  WRHSMC, which you can search.  Here’s the first link:


The “Behind the Scenes” story behind making the videos:  I do have the latest OS installed on my Mac (OS 10.6.8)
and assumed that others did as well, but discovered after the fact that many do not.  If you don’t have the latest
operating system installed, then you probably can’t use QuickTime for screen recordings.  (You will see the word
PRO and it will be grayed out).  Sorry about that.  Another free screen recorder is Jing.  The problem with Jing,
however, is that you need to download the software onto your computer.  Note: I did make a couple mistakes and
had to stop the recordings and start again (thus the 5 videos).  I initially tried editing them with iMovie and posting
to YouTube as one film, but the quality was severely compromised.   In YouTube, you can edit your movies after
you upload them, but it does take a few hours for the edits to stick.   Keep this in mind:  short films are easier to


There is also a camera that you can purchase (we’re out of money so we can’t get it this year…maybe next
year…it’s around $80) called a ziggi from IPEVO.  Basically, you hook it up to your laptop through the USB port
point it towards your desk.  This is helpful if you’re trying to record something written like a math problem.  You
don’t need any special software from what I understand (although QuickTime is once again the easiest program to
use.)  Here’s their website:

You may have heard some talk about “reverse instruction.”  If you wish to familiarize yourself with this concept, a
good introduction by a science teacher can be found here:


Google Apps/Docs Classes
I will be hosting a Google Apps/Google Docs demonstration tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday the 7th) in Lab 2 in the
Media Center.  This class will focus on using Google Docs and the Gmail system with students.   On February 14th,
we will look at the calendar feature and Google Sites.  Please let me know if you can make it or if you can't
make it, but would like to learn about it during a scheduled time (like your free period).  We did train all of the freshmen
in how to use the Gmail system and Google Docs in Freshmen Seminar.  Hopefully, I will get all the sophomores trained


Online Flashcards Sites:

I’ve been using the following site: with my own children.  It enables you to make your own
flashcards or search their vast selection.  There’s a speller, a “learn” mode, a test, and two games: scatter and space
race.  The cards are in different languages and there are many for standardized tests, including AP.   Let your
students know about it!
There are also other flashcard sites if you would like to try something different.  Find all the links at:


New Equipment: Headphones, Flip Cameras

The library now has 30 headphones with microphones that students can use while in the library.  These are
soundproofed with a sensitive microphone, which is helpful for students with projects that require concentration!
They attach to the computers through the USB port.  They do need to change their Sound preferences to the
headphones, and then they are ready to go.   The library also has three Flip cameras to lend.  Each keeps a battery
charge of around two hours and saves two hours worth of video.  The little camera clicks into the back of your
computer using the USB port.  We also have a little tripod that attaches to the bottom of the camera.  You can
borrow the cameras/tripods for your next project.


New Additions


Library News 2011-2012


December 2011

Google Apps: All freshmen have just had Google App/Docs orientation and training in Freshmen Seminar.  Included in
Google Apps is an email address, Google Docs, a calendar, and a website maker.  Other grades are coming very soon.
All faculty, administrators, and staff also have a Google Apps account.  To get to this account, go to:
Your login/email is your and your initial password is wrhs2011.  (Note: Mine is
because Joe and I have the same first initial). After entering the information, the site will ask
you to change your password. Students will have the following email setup: and will have their student ID as their password.
There will be a demonstration/workshop about Google Apps on Tuesday, December 13th from 2:30-3:30 p.m. after
school in the Media Center.  If you can’t make it, we can meet during your prep period to go over the functions and


Displays in the Media Center
We encourage you to showcase student work in the Media Center.  This month, Lee Ann
Hedberg graciously displayed an exhibit from her English 10 Honors class on our windows.  The students wrote an essay
and created a three-layered work of art based on A Streetcar Named Desire.  


Khan Academy and other Open Education Resources
Many Wachusett teachers are using this site with their students: There are over 2,700 videos
(lots of math, finance, and science, but also other subjects as well as test prep) to watch on a variety of subjects
(note: some use YouTube) and 240 practice exercises, which seem mostly based on math problems.  There is also
a way to become a “coach.”  You must use a Google email address (the new address works) and have
your students add you as a “coach” using your email address.  There is data available to chart their progress.
There is no cost for using this site.


On this same topic, UMass Amherst Libraries have created a website which highlights Khan Academy and other Open
Education Resources such as Academic Earth, Flat World Knowledge, Open Courseware Consortium, and more.  To see
this website (for learners) go to:
For educators, click on the tab to the right or go to:

Web 2.0 of the Month:
This free online comic strip maker (brought to my attention by Jeanne Girourd) is very easy to use and you can adapt it
for many quick projects.  There are many characters available and each has four different poses.  There are limitations
to the number of objects and backgrounds so the students can't waste too much time on that aspect.  After creating
your comic strip (4 panel maximum), you will receive a unique URL for your comic, or you can choose to print it.  Below
is my screen shot (Shift-Command-4) of the comic, which I saved later as a jpg.

New additions to the collection from September to November


November 2011

Google Apps for Education:


What is Google Apps for Education? Google hosts a large suite of applications for schools free of charge.
Apps available include Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Video.  
You can try these out yourself and with other teachers now.  Soon you will be able to use these applications with
your students.
  In my opinion, the most powerful application is Google Docs for its sharing capabilities.  Google Docs includes
word processing, presentation, spreadsheets, forms, and drawings.  Google Docs reduces compatibility problems
and other issues using Microsoft Office and will increase student productivity.  Group projects will be improved
because users can work simultaneously and in the absence of other group members.  It is more efficient, allows for
peer editing, surveys, and a whole host of other possibilities.  


You will be able to easily share documents with students and they can share with you and each other.  You will also
be able to see who made changes and when on the “Doc.”   Finished presentations can be embedded into
Wikispaces and other websites (such as Google Sites).  Google Mail has spam protection, and filters which can be
customized (for example, no Facebook messages).  The mail and calendar features both have apps to work with
mobile devices.  Google Sites enables you or a student club to create a website collaboratively.  There's also a
Google Groups feature that may be useful.


Every student, teacher, and staff person will have his or her own email account and Google Doc account associated
with it.  Over the summer, Dave Bolster from District IT created 229 Google Apps accounts for high school faculty
and staff.  All staff will have the same setup:  Student emails are coming and will
have the following setup: To login into your account, go to and use your new email address as the username and wrhs2011 as the password.  Everyone will
be asked to change their passwords after they login.  Try it out and see what you think. 


The capability of Google Docs will enable us to employ a lot of "21st Century" lessons.  To see a PowerPoint which
illustrates what can be done using Google Apps for Education, please go to:


What kind of storage do we get? Each service offered has different storage limits.  Gmail is 25GB per user, Google
Docs is 1GB per user (but unconverted files for storage can be up to 10GB each), Google Video is 10GB for the school
(but is currently disabled), Google Sites is 100GB per domain.


October 2011 

Web 2.0 updates from last year: Glogster, Xtranormal
New 2.0 ideas: TimeToast
P21’s website links
Long Block Study Passes

QuickTime:Did you know you could make easy video or audio recordings using QuickTime?
This is most likely already installed in your computer.In the QuickTime program, go to the File Menu and click on your
choice of movie (which uses the webcam and internal mic), audio (which records with the internal mic) or screen,
which records your movements on your screen and records. This screen capture tool is a powerful, easy method for
making tutorials. You can post your movie (saves as a .mov file) on a wiki or upload to YouTube and then embed it
into the wiki.  If you need help or advice, please let me know.

Web 2.0 Program changes from last year:
Glogster is an interactive, online poster which allows for many visual options, including graphics, and the ability to load
video and audio.  This year, Glogster
has created new pricing plans that replace the old free teacher account from last
year. Teachers using a free account can no longer create class sets like in the past.
Free is still an option, however.Students create their own accounts, make private glogs, and send their links to their glog
to their teacher and/or other students.There is a way to do this right in the save screen. Although teachers have less
control than before, there is also less set up as teachers and students don’t need to type in specific codes, etc.When they
sign up, they will need to verify their accounts with their email. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Glogster and
would like to see an example of one used for school, go to:

Xtranormal is an online program that enables the user to create easy movies using one or two characters in a variety
of settings and allows for camera angles, movements, and text-to-speech screenwriting.It’s free of charge as long as
you stay within the “points” system and only publish your movie when you are completely finished.New to Xtranormal
this year is the ability to record your voice for your character(s), which is really great for foreign language, and add end
credits.Like Glogster, Xtranormal has a new “teacher” account that costs .50 times the number of students you have,
per month (ex: 25 students X .50 = $22.50).That is pretty expensive and I don’t think it’s necessary.The old rules still
apply.To see my library newsletter from February, go to  

New 2.0 Idea: TimeToast is a free, online timeline-making program that is easy to use.It allows you to add a
picture and as much text as you like.The timeline moves as you move your cursor.Check out this one about innovations in
the 1960s:

P21 lesson plan ideas. If you are interested in lesson plan ideas that incorporate 21st Century Skills (or to see
which lessons you’re currently doing that incorporate these skills already), try these sites. These maps were created
with national boards for education. Many of these ideas would involve using the Media Center for research and/or
technology. If you would like to work on any of these projects, or something like them, please contact me and we
can set up a time.

21st Century Skills Map
21st Century Skills World Languages Map
21st Century Skills Arts Map

21st Century Skills Geography Map
21st Century Skills Science Map
21st Century Skills Social Studies Map
21st Century Skills English Map


ICT Literacy Maps
Subject-based 21st century tools for learning and thinking, and sample student outcomes in key skill areas.
ICT Literacy Map: Social Studies
ICT Literacy Map: English
ICT Literacy Map: Math         

Long Block Study: Just a quick reminder about long block study… We have recently changed our policy regarding when
students can retrieve long block study passes due to an equity and fairness issue, because long block study is full most
days.Students must obtain a pass from us either after school the day before the study or before school the day of the




September 2011

New Databases and Remote Login Changes

Alexandria Online

Turnitin Update and Info Session

Wikispaces Info Session

Labs Not Open Until at Least Tuesday

Web 2.0 Update

New Databases and Remote Login Changes

I revamped the research database page over the summer (off the school’s main page to Library Media Center, then
Resource Databases). Also, there is a big change for remote access.I streamlined the login and passwords so they are
all the same.The login and password for all databases is now: wachusett1 - wachusett1 .If you are trying to access a
newspaper (The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Worcester T&G, and The Holden Landmark)
from your mobile device or have reached the end of the free limit, you can use our login and password which is now: - wachusett1 .This information is available now in a bookmark instead of a full sheet.  Feel free
to give out to students or yourself.If you would like a complete description of all databases, please go to:


We have some brand new, exciting databases this year:
Literary Reference Center Plus: EBSCO's massive literary database with plot summaries, reviews, criticism, biographies,
over 99,000 poems, 23,000 short stories, 7,300 author interviews, and 8,200 classic texts in the ebook collection.  There is
also an app for this database to read on your mobile device.


Science Reference Center: Contains science-specific, full-text articles for 23 encyclopedias, 182 periodicals, 725 reference
books, 3,790 biographies, 61 animations, 519 videos, and 28,000+ images.  Mobile app also available.


Facts on File Health Reference Center: Reviewed information on physical and mental health, diseases and disorders, body
systems, drug abuse, nutrition, and wellness.  Includes a teen, women’s, men’s, and senior’s center.


Note: Issues and Controversies and Grolier Encyclopedia were dropped due to a cut by the state.Bloom's Literary Reference
was replaced with EBSCO's Literary Reference Center PlusToday's Science was replaced with EBSCO's Science Reference
.  Proquests History Study Center and Learning Literature were dropped due to budget restraints.  Rosen's Teen Health
and Wellness
was replaced with Facts on File Health Reference Center


Alexandria Online

For a while, our catalog has only been accessible school-wide.This year, the catalog will be online.To view it, go to the main
page for the high school, then Library Media Center, then Library Catalog.This
enables students and faculty to search our
catalog from home, which will aid in teacher planning and student work.  We can also connect directly from our catalog to
Gale and ABC-CLIO’s ebooks from home (type in ebook in your search to narrow it down).


Turnitin Update and Info Session

Turnitin has been renewed and has exciting features for any teacher who assigns writing. “Turnitin has partnered with
Educational Testing Service to integrate its e-rater grammar analysis tools within GradeMark, our online markup tool.”It
“automatically flags grammar, style, usage, mechanics and spelling errors so instructors can spend less time correcting and
more time teaching…Students can view their marks and access grammar handbooks that offer feedback in ten
languages…The ETS e-rater marks can be layered with Turnitin's other integrated writing tools, Originality Check for
plagiarism prevention and PeerMark for online peer reviewing.We have never had PeerMark before, so this is also new.
To see a demo of erater, click here:

For those interested in Turnitin, please come to a registration and information session on Tuesday after school in the Media
Center at 2:25 p.m.



More and more teachers are discovering this easy-to-use, free service for educators.Wikispaces enables you to create an
easy website for student use.If you would like more information, please attend a training and information session on Tuesday,
September 13th after school in the Media Center, starting at 2:25 p.m.If you can’t make it, please send me an email and we
can make arrangements to meet during your prep.


Labs Not Open Until at Least Tuesday

While technology is being updated, the two labs will not be available until Tuesday at the earliest.If you do sign up, please
call before you come down to make sure they’re operational.

Library News 2010-2011

June: Click to see library acquisitions since April. News items:
Survey: When you have a couple of minutes, please fill out the following survey for faculty and staff
about Library services and thank you: survey

Database shake-up:  There will be many changes to our database subscriptions this August.  Notably,
Issues and Controversies and Grolier Encyclopedia will be dropped due to a cut by the state.
Bloom's Literary Reference will be replaced with EBSCO's Literary Reference Center Plus.  This was a
state funded database we used to have, which is now better than ever!  Today's Science will
be replaced with EBSCO's Science Reference Center.  This database is more student friendly and provides
students with diagrams and explanations, in addition to news stories.  Proquests History Study Center
and Learning Literature will be dropped due to budget cuts.  Rosen's Teen Health and Wellness will be
replaced with the much improved Facts on File Health Reference Center.  This will be a valuable reference
for Psychology and Anatomy classes.  No changes will be made to any of the Gale Databases, ABC-CLIO,
Salem Press databases, JSTOR, CQ Researcher, Elibrary, Britannica, or SIRS.  My goal is to have every
login and password the same:  wachusett1, wachusett1. Also, instead of my email address, please use the
following to get into The NYTimes, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, The Holden Landmark, and The
Worcester T&G: and wachusett1.  This will also work on your phone or ipad!

Brochure for Glogster, Google Docs, XtraNormal, and VoiceThread: If you are curious about these free, web 2.0
programs, but are concerned about issues such as registration, technical issues, or ideas for the classroom,
download this brochure: web2.doc It prints best if you have legal sized paper (2 sheets), or will print on
regular 8 1/2 X 11 (4 sheets).

A Reading of the Odyssey:  Because there was no audio recording in existence of this abridged novelization of
the Odyssey, the Wachusett Regional High School Library Media Center employed members of the National Honor
Society to record one. This version is available (copyright free) in mp3 format, or on 5 cds and available at the
Media Center.  Contributors were: Katie Carlson,  Paige Carney,  Jacqui VanLiew,  Julie Hammond, Mrs. Jourdain,
  Katherine Diggins,  Alexander Burgess, Danielle Valcourt, Olivia Valcarce, Nicole Baker,  Stephie Silveri, Ally
Canario, Matthew Downey,  Sam Hammond, and Blair Graham

May: This month, I used a free program called Animoto to create a video highlighting the Library.  To make it,
I used around 10 photos and a couple clips of a video.  The music came from Animoto's page.  To check out this
1 1/2 minute video, go to:

In Animoto, you can sign up as an educator.  This enables you and your students to create longer videos free of
charge (the default account only lets you record for 30 seconds) and you can register up to 50 students.  If you'd
like to try using my account and see what the registration process would be like for your students, click on Sign Up
at and click on Plus.  Enter your information and enter the following code under Promo: 
a4ejourc93b05  -  Then ignore it if they ask for credit card information. The code is good for a year.  Go to to see examples of student videos.

April:  Click to see library acquisitions since March.  This month, I created a talking avatar with a free online
from  There are many options for characters, languages, text-to-voice options, and you can even upload your

own background.  Also, a note about the newspaper subscriptions:  You need to login with my email address: and the password wrhs1401 to view complete online content.

March: Click here to see all additions to the library since February.  Using a site called,
I created this month's newsletter.  I've heard a lot of teachers asking for free mindmapping tools. 
This one so far has impressed me the most.  No cost, easy registration and the ability to work independently
or as a group collaboration.  The Google Docs drawing tool is also a possibility.  If you would like me to
"share" my Google Docs drawing with you, please let me know!  In the mean time, click here to check
out my popplet. Note: this program works MUCH better when using Firefox on my computer.

February:  Using, I created this month's newsletter.  Note:  I was unable to obtain an
"educator's account," as this is not their primary focus at the moment.  Students must choose their
characters and settings wisely to avoid a video too costly to publish, but it can be (and is being) done. 
Click here to check out my video!

January: Using VoiceThread (another free tool for education), I created this month's newsletter.  Click
to see new items bought in January.  Please note: to create your own JSTOR account at home, you need
to click on this link:

December: I created a Prezi for December's newsletter. Prezi's are unique online presentation tools and
free for education. Click to see new items bought in December.

November: I decided to do something different for the newsletter.  I created a "glogster," which is an interactive
poster.  This is a free "web 2.0" product, that can be used as an alternative for a presentation.  The
site is designed for educators.  Glogster allows for many visual options, including graphics, and the ability to load a
video and links.  To see my gl

New Additions: 2011-2012



Civil rights movement : people and perspectives
951.9 The Koreas
973.89 Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars
031.02 TAG I used to know that : stuff you forgot Taggart, Caroline,
081 ALL Ruffner's allusions
133.4 ANS The Amityville horror Anson, Jay,
155.9 HAL Dare to forgive Hallowell, Edward M.
158.1 DYE Getting in the gap Dyer, Wayne W.
175 LUM Modern sports ethics Lumpkin, Angela.
303.48 TUR Alone together Turkle, Sherry.
305.235 RIC The adolescent Rice, F. Philip.
305.42 ZOY Zoya's story : an Afghan woman's struggle Zoya.
305.896 GRI Black like me Griffin, John Howard,
320.51 LAK Don't think of an elephant Lakoff, George.
323.1 KEL Walking for freedom : the Montgomery bus boycott Kelso, Richard,
362.29 SHE Beautiful boy : a father's journey through addiction Sheff, David.
364.1 LEH Black mass Lehr, Dick.
370 .973 Education in crisis : a reference handbook Gouwens, Judith A.
371.19 WIL A practical guide to service learning Wilczenski, Felicia L.
371.3 FIT HM College Study Skills Program Fitzpatrick, Elaine M.
371.3 FRA The everything study book Frank, Steven,
375.1 MAR HM Learning and Study Skills Program Marshak, David
378.1 MAI AP Psychology Maitland, Laura Lincoln
378.1 MIL The military advantage Michel, Christopher P.,
385.2209 7309045 FRA Twilight of the great trains Frailey, Fred W.
419 TEN American Sign Language handshape dictionary Tennant, Richard A.
428.2 TAG My grammar and I-- or should that be "me" Taggart, Caroline,
510 HEL Help your kids with math : a unique step-by-step visual guide.
551.55 HIR Hurricanes Hirschmann, Kris,
641.013 COO Cooking from the farmers' market
646.7 BRO Bobbi Brown teenage beauty
Brown, Bobbi.
745.594 ONE 101 Christmas ornaments
746.43 FOR Forever favorite crochet
779.3 AME America the beautiful : a photographic journey
780.9 JON Music theory Jones, George Thaddeus
796.097 CEN A century of sports
808.042 NTC NTC's anthology of nonfiction
811 POE The poets laureate anthology
811.008 AME American poetry Allen, Gay Wilson,
813 SAG Wounded warriors Sager, Mike.
815.5 REP Representative American Speeches 2004-2005 Logue, Calvin, Editor
818 THO Walden Thoreau, Henry David,
818.6 Oni The Onion ad nauseam : complete news archives.
822.33 SHA King Lear Shakespeare, William,
828 KIP Kipling: Stories and Poems Beecroft, John
891.723 CHE Five plays Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich,
917.3 WHI Complete national parks of the United States White, Mel,
920 CAR The brothers Bulger Carr, Howie.
940.1 COR The early Middle Ages Corrick, James A.
940.21 REN The Renaissance
940.53 CRI Critical perspectives on World War II
940.54 RIC World War II Kamakazes Rice, Earle.
940.548 BRO The greatest generation speaks Brokaw, Tom.
940.548 VOS Reporting the war :  World War II Voss, Frederick.
940.55 LIV Living through the end of the Cold War
941 HAR Into the arms of strangers : stories of the Kindertransport
947 MAT The rise and fall of the Soviet Union Matthews, John R.,
947.084 VON Why Lenin? Why Stalin? Why Gorbachev Von Laue, Theodore H.
951 WRI The history of China Wright, David Curtis.
955 NAFISI Reading Lolita in Tehran : a memoir in books Nafasi, Azar.
956.940 WAG Israel and the Arab world Wagner, Heather Lehr.
959.704 AND Grunts : U.S. Infantry in Vietnam Anderson, Christopher J.
959.704 GIF The Vietnam War Gifford, Clive.
959.704/3373 Vietnam War era : people and perspectives
966.9 PHI Nigeria Phillips, Douglas A.
972 KIR The history of Mexico Kirkwood, Burton.
972.91 CRO Cuba Crooker, Richard A.
972.92 GRI Jamaica Gritzner, Janet H.
973.049 FRA In search of the promised land : a slave family Franklin, John Hope,
973.219 AME The American heritage history of the making of the nation
973.24 SCH King Philip's War Schultz, Eric B.,
973.3 MAR A narrative of a Revolutionary soldier Martin, Joseph Plumb,
973.62 NAR The Mexican-American War Nardo, Don,
973.9 CEN Century of flight
973.9 DEC Decade of triumph: the 40s
973.9 PEO People who shaped the century
973.92 NEW The new gilded age : the New Yorker looks at the culture of affluence
973.922 CON From Love Field : John F. Kennedy Connally, Nellie,
973.929 DIG The digital decade-- the 90s
974.43 WOR Worcester: A Portrait of Central Massachusetts
978 SID Blood and thunder :American West Sides, Hampton.
978/.0496073 African Americans in the West Flamming, Douglas.
979.4 DID Where I was from Didion, Joan.
B ALI I am Nujood, age 10 and divorced Ali, Nujood.
B BEAH A long way gone:memoirs of a boy soldier Beah, Ishmael,
B CONSTANC Fat, stupid, ugly : one woman's courage to survive Constance, Debrah,
B KAHLO Frida, a biography of Frida Kahlo Herrera, Hayden.
B WATERS Can't be satisfied : Muddy Waters Gordon, Robert,
B WIESEL Night Wiesel, Elie,
DVD 363.19 FOO Food, Inc
DVD 791.43 FOR For love or country
DVD 796.83 UNF Unforgivable blackness : the rise and fall of Jack J
DVD 812 RAI A raisin in the sun
DVD 812 RAI A raisin in the sun
DVD 822.3 SHA Twelfth night
DVD 972.94 PRI The Price of Sugar (videorecording)
DVD 973.5 WAR The War of 1812
DVD 973.5 WAR The War of 1812
DVD B CASTRO Comandante
DVD B GANDHI Mahatma Gandhi : pilgrim of peace
DVD FIC MIS The mission
E 179 OBA Of thee I sing : a letter to my daughters Obama, Barack.
E FIC SMITH The Three Billy Goats Gruff Smith, Annette
ebook Obesity : a reference handbook Stern, Judith S.,
ebook Women and politics around the world
ebook Climate change : a reference handbook Downie, David Leonard.
ebook Lobbying in America : reference Hrebenar, Ronald J.,
ebook American families in crisis : reference Turner, Jeffrey S.
FIC ADAMS Watership Down Adams, Richard,
FIC ALMOND Kit's wilderness Almond, David,
FIC ARENSTAM Nicholas : a Massachusetts tale Arenstam, Peter.
FIC ASIMOV Forward the foundation Asimov, Isaac,
FIC ASIMOV Foundation Asimov, Isaac,
FIC AUSTEN Mansfield Park Austen, Jane,
FIC AVI Crispin : at the edge of the world Avi,
FIC AVI Crispin : the end of time Avi,
FIC BANKS I, Houdini : the autobiography Banks, Lynne Reid,
FIC BAUM The annotated Wizard of Oz Baum, L. Frank
FIC BENCHLEY Jaws Benchley, Peter.
FIC BLATTE Humpty Dumpty was pushed : a novel Blatte, Marc,
FIC BRADBURY Fahrenheit 451 Bradbury, Ray,
FIC BURKE The tin roof blowdown : a Dave Robicheaux novel Burke, James Lee,
FIC BURNETT The secret garden Burnett, Frances Hodgson,
FIC CLEMENTS Frindle Clements, Andrew,
FIC FAULKNER As I lay dying : the corrected text Faulkner, William,
FIC FLYNN Separation of power Flynn, Vince.
FIC FLYNN Term limits Flynn, Vince.
FIC FLYNN The third option Flynn, Vince.
FIC FLYNN Transfer of power Flynn, Vince.
FIC GEORGE My side of the mountain George, Jean Craighead,
FIC GIFF Nory Ryan's song Giff, Patricia Reilly.
FIC GOLDEN Memoirs of a geisha : a novel Golden, Arthur,
FIC GRUEN Riding lessons Gruen, Sara.
FIC HAR Living dead in Dallas Harris, Charlaine.
FIC HAR All together dead Harris, Charlaine.
FIC HAR Club dead Harris, Charlaine.
FIC HAR Dead as a doornail Harris, Charlaine.
FIC HAR Dead to the world Harris, Charlaine.
FIC HAR Dead until dark Harris, Charlaine.
FIC HAR Definitely dead Harris, Charlaine.
FIC HAR From dead to worse Harris, Charlaine.
FIC HART The king of lies Hart, John,
FIC HAUTMAN No limit Hautman, Pete,
FIC HEARN Ivy : a novel Hearn, Julie,
FIC HOFFMAN Blue diary Hoffman, Alice.
FIC HOROWITZ Ark angel Horowitz, Anthony,
FIC HOROWITZ Eagle Strike Horowitz, Anthony,
FIC HOROWITZ Point blank Horowitz, Anthony,
FIC HOROWITZ Scorpia Horowitz, Anthony,
FIC JACQUES The Bellmaker : a novel of Redwall Jacques, Brian.
FIC JACQUES Mariel of Redwall Jacques, Brian.
FIC JACQUES Mariel of Redwall Jacques, Brian.
FIC JACQUES Martin the Warrior Jacques, Brian.
FIC JACQUES Mattimeo Jacques, Brian.
FIC JACQUES Salamandastron Jacques, Brian.
FIC KIDD The secret life of bees Kidd, Sue Monk.
FIC KING The stand King, Stephen,
FIC KINNEY Diary of a wimpy kid : Rodrick rules Kinney, Jeff.
FIC LEHANE Gone, baby, gone : a novel Lehane, Dennis.
FIC LORE I am number four Lore, Pittacus.
FIC MARTIN A song of ice and fire Martin, George R. R.
FIC MARTIN A Song of ice and fire Martin, George R. R.
FIC MARTIN A storm of swords Martin, George R. R.
FIC MCKISSAC A picture of freedom: the diary of Clotee McKissack, Pat,
FIC MEAD Last sacrifice Mead, Richelle.
FIC MEAD Spirit bound Mead, Richelle.
FIC NOVIK Black powder war Novik, Naomi.
FIC NOVIK Throne of jade Novik, Naomi.
FIC OBRIEN The things they carried : a work of fic O'Brien, Tim,
FIC ORWELL Nineteen eighty-four : a novel Orwell, George,
FIC PATTERSON Alex Cross's trial Patterson, James,
FIC PATTERSON Sail : a novel Patterson, James,
FIC PAULSEN The crossing Paulsen, Gary.
FIC PETERS Luna : a novel Peters, Julie Anne.
FIC PIC Second glance : a novel Picoult, Jodi,
FIC PICOULT Plain truth : a novel Picoult, Jodi,
FIC PULLMAN Clockwork Pullman, Philip,
FIC QUINN Ishmael : a novel Quinn, Daniel.
FIC RASKIN The Westing game Raskin, Ellen.
FIC RIORDAN The lost hero Riordan, Rick.
FIC RIORDAN The red pyramid Riordan, Rick.
FIC RIORDAN The son of Neptune Riordan, Rick.
FIC RIORDAN The throne of fire Riordan, Rick.
FIC SHAFFER The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Shaffer, Mary Ann.
FIC SHE Frankenstein Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft,
FIC SLAUGHTER Broken : a novel of suspense Slaughter, Karin,
FIC SMITH Bloodlust Smith, L. J.
FIC SMITH Midnight Smith, L. J.
FIC SMITH Night world Smith, L. J.
FIC SMITH Origins Smith, L. J.
FIC SMITH Shadow souls Smith, L. J.
FIC STRATTON Chanda's secrets Stratton, Allan.
FIC WAL Half broke horses : a true-life novel Walls, Jeannette.
FIC YEZIERSK Bread givers : a novel Yezierska, Anzia,
Graphic FIC ALI Alive-The final evolution Kawashima
GRAPHIC FIC CLAMP XxxHolic CLAMP (Mangaka group)
GRAPHIC FIC ENDO Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu Endo, Hiroki.
GRAPHIC FIC FERNANDEZ Bram Stoker's Dracula Fernandez, Fernando,
GRAPHIC FIC GALLAGHER Megatokyo : [Megatokyo] Gallagher, Fred
GRAPHIC FIC HAT Millennium Snow Hatori, Bisco.
GRAPHIC FIC SAKURAKOJI Backstage prince Sakurakoji, Kanoko.
GRAPHIC FIC TOUME Lament of the lamb Tome, Kei.
GRAPHIC FIC WATSUKI Rurouni Kenshin Watsuki, Nobuhiro.
PRO 305.231 WOO Yardsticks : ages 4-14 Wood, Chip.
PRO 371.1 CAN Chicken soup for the teacher's soul
PRO 371.12 BES The best test preparation for the MTEL
PRO 371.2 ROT What's the problem? Rothenberg, Paula
PRO 371.3 LEM Teach like a champion : 49 techniques Lemov, Doug,
PRO 371.9 STA Inclusion : a guide for educators
PRO 371.904 MAN Social skills activities for secondary Mannix, Darlene.
PRO 371.909 MAN Life skills activities for secondary Mannix, Darlene.
PRO 375.001 ERI Concept-based curriculum and instruction Erickson, H. Lynn.
PRO 808 GIB MLA style manual and guide to scholarly publishing Gibaldi, Joseph,
PRO 809.89 TEM Children's books in children's hands
PRO 973 AP Applied practice in AP united states history
SC CHR A Christmas treasury
SC FLAKE You don't even know me:stories poems Flake, Sharon.
SC FRA Palo Alto : stories Franco, James,
SC LOVECRAFT Necronomicon : the best weird tales Lovecraft, H. P.
SP 920 MAR Code Name: Butterflies Mariposa Cultural Foundation
SP FIC JIMENEZ Más allá de mí Jiménez, Francisco,
SP FIC JIMENEZ Senderos fronterizos Jiménez, Francisco,
Videocassette 973.9 TWE The 20th Century: The 1990s MPI Media Home Video

February 2012 to April 2012



December 2011 and January 2012

133.4 GUI Haunted Salem
155.5 REB Chill: Stress-reducing techniques
303.48 HAN 24/7: how cell phones and the Internet change the way we live
306.4 GAR Pop Culture
306.76 BON Family outing
307.77 KUH Living Walden two
323.1 KAS Civil Rights Movement: A Photographic History, 1954-68
331.7 ECH Career opportunities in law and the legal industry
335.43 PIP Communism: a history
345.73 HIG Leopold and Loeb: the crime of the century
356 DEP US Army survival manual
361.6 BAN The insider's guide to the Peace Corps: what to know before you go
363.45 FIS Rethinking our war on drugs: candid talk about controversial issues
372.41 DAN Mini-lessons for literature circles
378.3 KAN Secrets to Winning a Scholarship
391 FIS VOL. 1 Men, women & manners in colonial times Vol. 1
391 FIS Vol. 2 Men, women & manners in colonial times Vol. 2
577 ELT The ecology of invasions by animals and plants
616.7 EME Muscular dystrophy
616.85 CLA Inside a Cutter's Mind
616.8635 EAR Understanding marijuana: a new look at the scientific evidence
616.8635 EAR Understanding marijuana: a new look at the scientific evidence
616.9MIL Living with Stress
617.1 WAL The anatomy of sports injuries
618.92 MIL Living with depression
621.31 CHI Power from the wind
621.31 CHI Solar electricity basics: A Green Energy Guide
621.31 CHI Wind power basics
621.47 BOX Solar electricity handbook
625.2 DOR American Passenger Trains WWII to Amtrak
641.5 BES Best Holiday Gatherings
641.865 BAK Cake pops
704.9 HAR The Art of Ancient Greek Theater
709 HOP After modern art: 1945-2000
722.7 MAC The architecture of the Roman Empire: an introductory study
733 BOA Greek sculpture: the classical period : a handbook
733 BOA Greeks sculpture: The late classical period
787.87 FRE Learn to Play the Guitar A Step-by-Step Guide
792.093 A short introduction to the ancient Greek theater
792.6 BRO Broadway Presents! teens' musical theatre anthology
794.8 DIL The ultimate guide to video game writing and design
794.8 ONE 1001 video games you must play before you die
796.323 Let me tell you a story: a lifetime in the game
796.332 NEW New England Patriots Yesterday and Today
811 GLU The First Four Books of Poems
811 SIM Sixty poems
917.3 BRY The Lost Continent
920 HIG Leopold and Loeb: the crime of the century
929.4 HAN A dictionary of first names
940.48 CHA A passionate prodigality
940.481 CLA The donkeys
956 DOY Behind Enemy Lines: Under Fire in the Middle East
959.704 SCO Vietnam veterans since the war
972.02 DIA The conquest of New Spain
973.2 FIS Men, women & manners in colonial times Vol. 1
973.3 BAR The historical atlas of the American Revolution
973.7 CIV The Civil War: A Visual History
978.004 BAR The war of the running dogs
B Antony Mark Antony: A Life
B COWARD A voice from the Vietnam War
B MAL The boy who came back from heaven
B MOORE Tweaked: a crystal meth memoir
DVD 305.4 WOM Women, war & peace
DVD 323.09 FRE Freedom riders
DVD 363.4 PRO Prohibition
DVD 973.71 Riding the rails
DVD B ROO American experience: The Story of Theodore Roosevelt
ebook African American religious culture
ebook Civil War: people and perspectives
ebook Great Depression: people and perspectives
ebook Hispanic American religious cultures
ebook Jazz age: people and perspectives
ebook U.S. leadership in wartime: clashes, controversy, and compromise
ebook Belligerents, brinkmanship, and the big stick
ebook Japan
ebook Religion and the state: an international analysis
ebook Environmental justice: a reference handbook
ebook Conflict and security in Central Asia and the Caucasus
FIC BALL Empires of sand
FIC CAIN Double indemnity
FIC CERCAS Soldiers of Salamis
FIC COUGHLIN Dead shot: a sniper novel
FIC DOS The house of the dead
FIC DURBIN The Winter War: a novel
FIC FAHY Sleepless
FIC FOWLER Full dark house
FIC FOWLER The water room
FIC GAIMAN The graveyard book
FIC GLO Beauty queen
FIC JAC The Friday night knitting club
FIC JORDAN Lord of chaos
FIC KERR If I love you, am I trapped forever?
FIC MARTIN A clash of kings
FIC McMahon Promise not to tell: a novel
FIC PAOLINI Inheritance: or the vault of souls
FIC ROTTMAN Head above water
FIC ROTTMAN Rough waters
FIC TOL Resurrection
FIC WARD Num8ers
REF 302.23 HIL Defining moments: The Muckrakers and the Progressive Era
REF 323.119 CAR Civil rights chronicle: the African-American struggle for freedom
REF 530 GUN The Handy Physics Answer Book
REF 959.704 PEN Defining Moments: The Vietnam War
REF 973.89 HIL Defining Moments: The Spanish-American War
SC FIC LOV The best of H.P. Lovecraft
SC LESTER Long journey home: stories from Black history