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Department Head: Kevin Briggs
PE Offices: Men - 508-829-6771 ext. 1404; Women - 508-829-6771 ext. 1652

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Physical Education Program

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Each student must take and pass Physical Education during grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 at Wachusett. Physical Education requirements are the following:

  • Grade 9: The Physical Education 9 curriculum provides the foundation in fitness skills and sport skills for the WRHS Physical Education program for the following three years. Students must pass both semesters.  Classes meet every other day throughout the year. 
  • Grade 10: One semester of team games and one semester of Project Adventure is required.  All classes will meet every other day throughout the year.
  • Grade 11: Semester electives are offered that meet every other day throughout the semester. A student must elect and pass one semester of Physical Education.
  • Grade 12: A student must elect and pass one semester of Physical Education.

Grade 9 and Grade 10 Failures: Students who fail either or both semesters of Grade 9 Physical Education will make up the failed course(s) by taking a Grade 10 Games course(s), unless an alternative course plan is approved by the administrator for Physical Education. Students who fail a Grade 10 Games course will make up the failed course by taking a grade 11/12 elective. However, students who fail a Grade 10 Adventure course must repeat this course for credit, unless the administrator for Physical Education approves an alternative course plan.

Credit Deficiency: A student who is credit deficient may double up in his/her  junior/senior year to fulfill graduation requirements;  however, no student will be allowed to enroll in more than 2 PE courses during any semester.  Placement in the additional Physical Education course depends on space availability and is not guaranteed.

Physical Education Classes

Physical Education Faculty

WRHS Physical Education Grading Policy / Guidelines

Please Note: The PE attendance policy follows a separate set of guidelines than the School Attendance Policy.

In Physical Education at WRHS, students must be prepared, dressed, and participate in 78 percen of their PE classes each semester in order to obtain a passing grade. Absences from class for any reason other than a medical excuse will count as a missed class. Students should make up PE classes missed to regain any points lost. They have two weeks to do so.

There are three types of absences from Physical Education class:

  1. Absence due to inability to participate due to illness or injury and verified by a Doctor’s medical excuse.
  2. Absence from class for any reason other than a medical excuse, such as visits to school offices or nurse, field trips, in-school suspension, suspension from school or routine absence from school. These absences cause the student to lose participation points toward their PE grade. These absences should be made
  3. If a student does not attend a class while present in school, arrives late without a pass or leaves a class early, he/she will be considered to have a class cut. Class cuts and truancy cannot be made up.

If a student is not changed for class or comes improperly dressed, he/she will not be allowed to make up the points lost.

Make-ups will be arranged with the teacher by participation in another class of the same level / activity or by attending an after-school PE makeup. The time schedule for completion of missed PE classes is two weeks as stated in the Student Handbook.

Students with a permanent medical excuse certified by a physician are exempt from Physical Education classes for the length of time indicated by the physician. Students who are permanently excused from Physical Education must present a new physician’s certification prior to the completion of the second full week of each school year. All doctor’s medical excuses must be filed with the school nurse within two weeks of beginning date to be valid.

Students who are temporarily excused from Physical Education because of an illness or injury must present documentation from a physician to the school nurse, within two weeks of the illness or injury, indicating the length of time the student is to be excused. Failure to do so will mean that the student will be required to make up all of the time he/she may have missed from the class. In the event the time missed is greater than 50%, the student will receive no credit for the course and will be required to take another Physical Education course at a later date in order to satisfy the Physical Education requirement for graduation.

In cases where a student is medically excused from Physical Education for any part of a semester course, he/she must have participated in at least 78 percent of the classes in which he/she was not medically excused. If a student remains in the class and participates to the extent allowed by the medical condition, he / she will be eligible for full credit, if they participate in at least 78 percent of the classes for that term. If a student misses more than half of the PE classes in any term, on a medical excuse (note from a doctor), the student will receive a grade of M and no academic credit for that term.

In the second term of that semester course, if the student:

  • fulfills the PE requirements, the student will receive a grade for that term, receive .625 academic credits for the semester, and will not have to make up the course to graduate.
  • does not fulfill the PE requirements, the student will fail for the term, will get no academic credit for the semester, and will have to make up the PE course to meet the graduation requirement.
  • remains on a medical excuse, the student will get a grade of M, receive no academic credit for the semester, and will not have to make up the PE course to graduate. The administrator for physical education must approve any exceptions to this attendance policy. Grading is based on attendance, participation, proper attire, and improvement, quality of work, respect, behavior, attitude and cooperation. There are no exemptions for interscholastic athletics.

The Physical Education Program will provide protective equipment when it is required (e.g. mouth guards for field hockey, lacrosse and floor hockey, goggles for goalies in floor hockey). The first mouth guard is given to each student free of charge. If lost, any subsequent mouth guard must be replaced by the student.

Lower School Program

Physical Education 9 (Grade 9) 1¼ credits per semester
The freshman PE curriculum is a fitness-based program in which students are taught the components of fitness and work in each class to improve their fitness levels throughout the year. Their fitness levels are tested quarterly using the Presidential Physical Fitness test. The students will assess themselves in the areas of muscular strength and endurance, body mass index, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Students will participate in a wide range of activities such as circuit training, stability balls, medicine balls and weight training. Students may receive basic instruction on skills in the following activities:  field hockey, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, softball, lacrosse, track and field, tumbling and mass games.

Physical Education 10 - Games  (Grade 10) 1¼ credits for one semester
Students will have one semester of Project Adventure I (described below) and one semester of Team Games. Sophomores will continue to practice the concepts of fitness learned in PE 9 through physical activity and a conditioning program. They will be introduced to the proper use of weight machines through a conditioning program in the weight room. Cardiovascular conditioning may be improved through participation in inter-active sports such as field hockey, soccer, floor hockey and basketball. Selected team games will give the students the opportunity to develop their sport skills with an emphasis on strategy, team positions, rules and sportsmanship. Skills may be evaluated through practical and/or written tests.

Project Adventure I  (Grade 10) 1¼ credits for one semester
This semester course is offered to all sophomores to teach them how to work together as a group on problem solving, trust building and adventure risk taking. Critical thinking and listening skills will be exercised. All students are asked to set goals to challenge themselves and assist others in completing these challenges as needed. The students will get to experience being belayed, from various heights, while climbing on the outdoor rope course.

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Upper School Program
Physical Education Offerings

Semester elective courses meet every other day during the semester.

Team Games 1¼ credits for one semester
The following sports will be offered in season and may include instruction in skills,  rules and game strategy in the following areas: field hockey, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, softball, lacrosse, speedball, team handball, and other group activities. This elective may be taken more than once.

Lifetime Sports 1¼ credits for one semester
Sports will be offered in season and may include instruction in skills and strategy in the following areas: archery, tennis, badminton, golf, table tennis and volleyball. These are activities that can be easily engaged in by students through adulthood. Conditioning activities related to improving lifetime sports skills may be included.   Sports skills may be evaluated through practical and/or written tests. This elective may be taken more than once.

Conditioning 1¼ credits for one semester
Instruction is given on correct technique of lifting and the proper use of the weight training equipment.  This course may include units of functional fitness, jogging, fitness walking, weight training with dumbbells, self-motivated aerobics, circuit training and other activities that promote cardiovascular endurance. This elective may be taken more than once.

Project Adventure II 1¼ credits for one semester
Project Adventure II is a continuation of Project Adventure I, offering new adventure experiences at intermediate and advanced levels. This course attempts to translate aspects of 'Outward Bound' into the Physical Education curriculum. The course has been planned to encourage students to try new and different activities, some of which may involve initial anxiety. The course deals with initiative problems, trust activities, and rope course activities. Students must have successfully completed Project Adventure I in Grade 10 and have no fear of heights. This elective may be taken only once in Grade 11 or 12.

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Cardio Fitness 1¼ credits for one semester, second semester only
This dynamic class will focus primarily on various cardiovascular exercises integrated iwth overall bydy fitness and sports-related movements. Students should expect both outdoor and indoor unit activities including hiking, interval track training, power walkingh, hill workouts, Pilates, and exercise biking and ellipitacla training. This class is designed for the student looking to dramatically improve his/her cardiovascular enduring and delop lifelong fitness habits
. This elective may be taken more than once.

Self-Defense for Young Women 1¼ credits for one semester
This course is for girls only. It will teach skills for self-protection, and emphasis will be placed on prevention of conflict. A component of instruction will be spent educating participants on basic confrontational principles and risk awareness/avoidance strategies. The first unit will focus on self-defense rolls, break falls, and basic mat work. Next, students will be introduced to the Rape Aggression Defense System packaged curriculums, including Basic Physical Defense, the Keychain Defense Option, the Aerosol Defense Option, and the Advanced Self Defense Strategies for Women, as time allows. This elective may be taken only once in Grade 11 or 12. 

Outdoor Education 1¼ credits for one semester
The students will explore a variety of ways in which to enjoy (recreation) and live (survival) in the outdoors, while learning about and respecting the environment. Some of the activities included are: canoeing, hiking, observational skills, orienteering, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and some survival skills such as knot tying, lashing, outdoor cooking, shelter building, outdoor clothing and equipment. Practical and written evaluations will be given.  Projects may be assigned with each unit. This elective may be taken only once in Grade 11 or 12.

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Adaptive Physical Education (Grade Level 9 -12) 1¼ credits per semester  (Prerequisite – Determined eligibility of students with defined disabilities.)
Students in Adaptive Physical Education will participate in a program of physical and motor fitness; fundamental motor skills;  and patterns; skills in individual and group games and sports. Activities  will be modified for individual student needs. Learning will take place in a fun, cooperative group setting.

Personal Fitness 1¼ credits for one semester, first semester only.
Students in this class will learn proper exercise techniques while improving cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. Students will learn how to use the TRX, stability balls, Indo-boards, T-bows, jump ropes, resistance bands, weighted bars and much more! Master workout techniques will include core training, balance, flexibility and plyometrics. This course may also include other fitness trends. Students are required to keep a journal, as it is an integral part of the course and is a major component of their grade. This elective may be taken more than once.

Physical Education Leader 1¼ credits for one semester (Grade 12 only: May only be taken once)
This course is designed for students with strong leadership qualities, an interest to work with other students and a solid background in physical education. Students will assist teacher in instruction, setting up and breaking down of equipment as well as referring activities.  Applicants must fill out the PE leader form and submit it to the physical education department head for approval.  Availability is limited.

Alternative Physical Education
Students may apply for one Alternative Education class under these criteria. They must be in good standing in Physical Education, having completed Physical Education 9 and 10 courses and either one or two Physical Education electives in grade 11. Grade 12 students only may apply for Alternative Physical Education.  Only one Alternative Education course will be granted to a student. They may wish to graduate at the end of semester one OR need the Physical Education credits to fulfill graduation requirements. The Alternative Education course they wish to take should not be offered in the WRHS Physical Education curriculum. The offering must be a structured and graded course. Students are responsible to submit a grade report or certification to the administrator for Physical Education in order to receive credit. Examples of acceptable courses may include: Water Safety instructor, Life Guarding, Boating Safety, Outward Bound instructor, Scuba Diving and the like. Any course must include a minimum of 37½ hours of activity. This option may be taken only once.

Grade 12 students must submit an Alternative Physical Education application to the administrator for Physical Education two weeks before the beginning of the course. All signatures must be completed and there must be an instructor or advisor for the course who agrees to be the contact person and sign off on requirements that have been fulfilled.

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