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Lexia Update - Gr. K-5 Teachers 

Dear WRSD Gr. K-5 Teachers,

We are reaching out to provide you with an update on Lexia as we continue to move forward with in-person learning.  

In 2020, District licenses for Lexia Core5 and PowerUp were purchased for students to support classroom instruction, initially for remote then hybrid and full in-person learning.  As we reflect on best practices for student learning and growth we are evaluating current District programs.  We wanted to begin by reminding teachers that this year we are still offering Lexia Core5 and PowerUp licenses to ALL Gr. K-5 STUDENTS in WRSD through August, 2022.  

Supporting teachers and classroom learning is the biggest priority, certainly.  We also need to make the most of our funding and resources.  As of this writing, only 29% of students within the District are meeting usage requirements for effective progress within the Lexia Core5 program and 0% of students are meeting usage in PowerUp.  Beginning in August of 2022, the cost for each student license will triple in price, and therefore in the next few months we need to evaluate how to best move forward.  

Additionally, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind us all that research shows students require 60-minutes of usage per week in order to make effective progress through the use of this tool. This time is not additional instruction but can be incorporated into the current literacy block through learning centers or independent practice. Also, this can include use at home which may be an effective way to ensure targets are met.  A Core5 usage chart is included below, which may help to clarify any questions.  



Furthermore, please utilize this link to the Core5 Resources Hub to view 2 videos “The Core5 Student Experience” and “The 5-Minute Check-In”, to learn about the fundamental elements of Core5 and how to implement this successfully.  Click here to access additional classroom resources which can support classroom instruction, including lesson slide decks and skill builders.  

Please reach out to Amy Norton or Jennifer Knowles via Tech Helpdesk with any questions, concerns or feedback.


Amy Norton & Jane Daly

Posted by jane_daly On 16 December, 2021 at 11:39 AM