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Inspire Science At-A-Glance Documents 
Dear MS Teachers of Science and Technology Engineering,

Teachers from your MS Science & Tech Engineering Community of Practice created five(5) At-A Glance Resources with tips and helpful information on how you might use Inspire Science.  These continue to be emailed out about every two weeks over the next few months, and updated on the   WRSD *New* Instructional Resources link on our Professional Development district webpage.

A big Thank You goes out to Katie Blake (Chocksett), Jennifer Flanagan (Central Tree), Kristie McGuire (Chocksett), Stacey Padilla (Chocksett), Jennifer Schmohl (Central Tree), and Danielle Billia-Shaveet (Thomas Prince) for coming up with this idea and developing the documents!
Posted by jane_daly On 31 March, 2023 at 12:57 PM