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District Programs

WRSD District Programs

ABA Program (Preschool – age 22)

Our District Wide ABA program is based upon the application of research driven best-practices in special education, Applied Behavior analysis (ABA) and Applied Verbal Behavior(AVB) technologies.  The program emphasizes individual learning, achievement, and life centered enrichment to ensure that all learner reach their individual potential.

Developmental Program (Grades K- 8)

Our Developmental class serves students with intellectual and global developmental disabilities.  Specialized instruction is provided in a small group (1:2/3 ratio).  Instruction is multisensory and language based with a special focus on the gradual presentation of new material and a more continuous review of previously learned concepts for developed independence.

Language Based Classroom (Grades 6-8)

Our program provides research based multi sensory reading instruction for students in a smaller group (ratio 1:3).  Class instruction and information is presented in a highly structured, organized manner, using oral and visual methods to support comprehension and to emphasize important concepts and main ideas.  All of the previous day's lessons are reviewed the following day with new information integrated and related to old information.  Lessons spiral back to previously learned material for review to ensure continue mastery, and to relate to new information.  Reading, writing, spelling, and oral language strategies are taught and reinforced across the curriculum to facilitate continuity, generalization and internalization.  Our program provides intensive, rule-based, highly structured, systematic, explicitly-taught instruction for students with specific reading disabilities and/or dyslexia.

Transition Program (Grades K-8)

Our program offers a small class size (ratio 1:3/4).  Students are provided with rewards and consequences in a clear, concise, and consistent manner. Through techniques such as environmental structuring, positive reinforcement, planned ignoring, proximity control, redirection, and time out the program reaches students who otherwise have not met with success.

 Life Skills (Grades 9- Age 22)

Our Life Skills program strives to develop and refine independent academic, vocational, daily living, and communication skills to prepare students as they graduate from high school.  Vocational training and academic instruction occur in a two tiered system.  Two classes serve students ages 14-18 while a post graduate Life skills class is designed for students ages 18-22.  Students have a plethora of job placement opportunities to help them determine their strengths and interests related to future employment.  This is complemented with functional academics to foster future independence and productivity.