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Emergency Preparedness

Active Shooter Preparedness The district has been enhancing active shooter preparedness in several ways over the past year. The ALICE method takes into account the fluid nature of an active shooter attack, and makes staff aware of options available to them based on their individual situations. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. These represent actions that can be taken during a shooting emergency.

Staff has been trained with ALICE’s 45 minute interactive video presentation earlier in the school year during a professional development day. The training is taken individually, and has questions at intervals during the video.

A vital component of responding to an emergency situation is communication. In addition to traditional methods like calling 911 or using the school’s PA system, the district can use CrisisGo as an option during an emergency. It’s an application that resides on staff computers, cell phones, and all 5 town police dispatches. With a few clicks or taps, anyone in the district can issue an emergency alert, which will be broadcast to the school and police department simultaneously. 

The district is working with the town police departments to incorporate age-appropriate ALICE techniques into regularly scheduled emergency drills.