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Series 3000 Educational

Educational - Policy Series 3000

  • P3130 Time on Learning
  • P3231  Inclement Weather
  • P3240 School Ceremonies and Observances
  • P3311 Course Organization, Curriculum, and Course Credit
  • P3311.1 Graduation Requirements
  • P3311.31 Online Education Policy
  • P3313 Controversial Issues
  • P3313.1 Parent Notification of Human Sexuality Issues
  • P3313.3 Aids and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • P3314 Ethics Policy
  • P3321 Field Trips
  • P3321.1 Field Trips Involving Late Night or Overnight Travel
  • P3321.2 Travel and Study Abroad
  • P3323 Home Assignments
  • P3341 Curriculum Adoption
  • P3350 Experimental and Innovative Programs
  • P3360 Independent Learning
  • P3421 Library/Media Services
  • P3450 Instructional Materials
  • P3510 Class Size
  • P3611.4 Enrichment
  • P3621 Counseling and Career Guidance
  • P3622 Psychological Services
  • P3625 Teaching about Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs
  • P3811 Special Needs
  • P3813 Audio, Video and/or Stenographic Recording of Meetings
  • P3820 Observation of Education Programs for Special Needs Students
  • P3830 Community Service
  • P3840 Extracurricular Activities
  • P3880 Individual or School Organization Program Initiatives
  • P3890 Home School Education
  • P3895 Limited English Learners
  • P3900 Program Evaluation
  • P3911 Standardized Testing