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COVID-19 complications in children

You may have heard the alerts in the news. Health organizations in the U.K. and New York City have warned of an inflammatory syndrome in a small number of children. It appears to be related to COVID-19, and affects multiple organs in the body. Doctors around the world report features of toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease, in which blood vessels, including the coronary arteries, enlarge or form aneurysms. Some children have also developed gastrointestinal symptoms, excessive blood clotting, kidney injury, or inflammation in the heart. Boston Children’s experts are closely following these reports to help bring families answers about this emerging syndrome.

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Each week throughout flu season (October-May) the Department publishes a Weekly Flu Report which indicates the impact of flu-like illness in Massachusetts. If you have additional questions about influenza activity or trends, please call (617) 983-6800 to speak with an epidemiologist.


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